Chujun Lin, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar in Psychology, Dartmouth College






Keles, U., Lin, C., & Adolphs, R. (in press). A cautionary note on predicting social judgments from faces with deep neural networks.. Affective Science.

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Lin, C., Keles, U., & Adolphs, R. (2021). Four dimensions characterize comprehensive trait judgments of faces. Nature Communications.

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Lin, C., Keles, U., Tyszka, J. M., Gallo, M., Paul, L., & Adolphs, R. (2020). No strong evidence that social network index is associated with gray matter volume from a datadriven investigation. Cortex, 125, 307-317.

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Lin, C., & Alvarez, R. M. (2020). Personality Traits Are Directly Associated with AntiBlack Prejudice in the United States. PLoS ONE.

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Lin, C., Adolphs, R., & Michael Alvarez, R. (2018). Inferring whether officials are corruptible from looking at their faces. Psychological Science, 0956797618788882.

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Lin, C., Adolphs, R., & Alvarez, R. M. (2017). Cultural effects on the association between election outcomes and face-based trait inferences. PLoS ONE, 12(7), e0180837.

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Lin, C. & Thornton, M. (2021). Linking attributions of mental states and traits. PsyArXiv.

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Cao, R., Lin, C., Li, X., Todorov, A., Brandmeir, N., & Wang, S. (2021). A neuronal social trait space for first impressions in the human amygdala and hippocampus. bioRxiv.


Cao, R., Wang, J., Lin, C., Todorov, A., Li, X., Brandmeir, N., & Wang, S. (2020). Feature-based encoding of face identity by single neurons in the human medial temporal lobe. bioRxiv.